Jolly Roger Amusement Parks


Bring the Family and immerse yourselves in the world of racing! Step into our Grand Entrance building and transport yourself into a world of Speed and Excitement.

Watch thrilling races from yesterday and today on the big screen, try your hand one of our state of the art video games in the Time Trials Arcade, take a pit stop at our Concession Stand, or grab the latest racing merchandise at our Souvenir shop. Whether it's junior's first try at driving the Kiddie Carts, or a Sunday drive with the Family on the Grand Prix Track, Speedworld has something for everyone.

Realize your Sunday afternoon fantasies on our Stockcarts and Supertrucks, beat your own time on our Indy style Formula One, or travel to France and experience the thrill of the 24 hours of Lemans. Speedworld has it all!

Race in several ways: Pay the tolls only for the tracks you like by putting only the points you need on your Jolly Roger Passport to Fun Card; purchase one of our Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Passport to Fun Cards for Olympic savings on points that can be used anywhere in the Jolly Roger complex, including the Pier; or choose our Two Hour Unlimited Ride Package which allows you 2 Hours of unlimited use of the Speedworld attractions.

Newly renovated for 2014 is our Formula One Track with new cars and great rates.

Please remember, however, that all minimum height and other safety restrictions do apply. Passport to Fun Cards and Packages can be purchased in advance in our secure online store -- BUY HERE.


Picking up at 30th Street? Click here to Buy.
We regret that tickets can not be picked up at the Pier location at this time.